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Dog training is most effective when it takes place in your home. This is where your dog lives and therefore where most of the behavior issues take place. When I come to your home I can train your dog in a place where he feels comfortable and is not distracted by other dogs. If your puppy or adult dog is having any kind of behavioral issue such as jumping, excessive barking, pulling on walks, eating off the counter, etc. please give me call. Most behavior issues can be addressed with the right correction at the right time. Depending on how much time and effort you put in to it, most dogs learn quickly.
I also teach basic and advanced obedience classes at the Cheshire Parks and Recreation Department, located at 559 South Main Street in Cheshire, CT. Please visit their website to register online!


Phil HuntingtonI was nine years old when I asked my parents for a dog. I wanted a German Shepard. On my tenth birthday they brought me to a pet store and told me to pick one out. My father had one rule. “You can’t have a big dog unless it’s trained.” My brother is seven years older and was driving so he took the dog to lessons every week. Then he came home and showed me what he learned. I would have to practice every day for half an hour. My Dad asked me every day if I had practiced with the dog and I did. That is how I first became interested in dog training. My brother became friends with the trainer Bruce Giannett. He came to the house and helped me occasionally.
My dog Baron learned quickly and by the time he was a year and a half we were entering him in obedience shows. He placed and won often. He received cups and ribbons and made me very proud. Then when I was seventeen I got a call from Bruce. He asked me to bring my dog to his class to show people what their dogs could do if you keep up the training. I showed up with Baron on my left side off leash. I stood there until Bruce introduced me. I put Baron through a number of silent commands like stay, come, heel, down. He did it all perfectly. He made me very proud. Years later I called Bruce and told him I needed his help. I asked if he could show me how to set up a class for training. A veterinarian had hired me to run a class but I had never tried to show people how to train dogs. Bruce came and showed me what to do. I worked for the veterinarian for a few years and I had been going to Bruce’s classes during that time. After the pet store closed I went to work with Bruce and have been working with him ever since.


I make housecalls! Dog training is provided in the comfort of your own home. From puppies to adult dogs, I can help with any and all aspects of basic obedience, behavior problems, and show training.

Dog Obedience Training
Basic Training is teaching your dog how to heel, sit, stay, come, down, leave it, off, and no. Every dog should know these basic commands. Depending on how much time and effort you put in to it, most dogs learn quickly.
Advanced Dog Training
Basic Training must be completed first. The dog should be able to do all of the basic commands with a verbal instruction. From there you can move on to silent commands and then to Agility Training, Competition Training, Search and Rescue, Tracking, Therapy Training, etc.
Behavior Problems
Behavior problems can be anything from jumping, barking, obsessive licking, mouthing, pulling on walks, anxiety - anything that becomes a problem. If a dog shows signs of aggression, contact a dog trainer that can help immediately. The sooner you start, the easier it is to fix. 


Don't take my word for it. See what my clients have to say about me

Kaneisha A.
Phil is THE BEST ! He made things relatable and it all made sense. We no longer are confused and we are now comfortable and confident in raising our puppy ! Definitely will continue learning from him !
Five Stars
Carla D.
Phil is an experienced, knowledgeable dog trainer that has an instinctive way of working with dogs. His natural ability of communicating with dogs and their owners, and his philosophy in training and correcting behavioral issues work.
Five Stars




Phil Huntington
(860) 302-7077
From puppies to adult dogs, I can help with any and all aspects of basic obedience, problem solving, behavior problems, and show training.

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